Beautiful Extremadura

A Stunning Environment

T he Iberian pig has been part of the landscape of Extremadura since ancient times. The Romans knew about the exceptional qualities of the Hispania hams. The farming traditions have lasted for centuries, allowing for a maintained, preserved and even enhanced breed which is a real genetic treasure.

Extremadura is the best location for rearing pigs, with nearly a million hectares of Dehesa – one of the best preserved ecosystems in Europe. The Dehesa is an agroforestal system that permits a balanced and non-abusive method of farming; an extensive natural environment combining pastureland and woodland where livestock, such as the Ibérico pig, the Merino sheep and Retinto cattle, live together with other wild species.

The Iberian pig performs the miracle of transforming the pasture and acorns it feeds upon into one of the healthiest and most exquisite natural products: Ibérico ham.

‘Ecological’ and ‘sustainability’ are buzz-words in these modern times, but in beautiful Extremadura it’s been the way of life for hundreds of years.

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